Domain transfer – simple tips to transfer your domain name

There are different reasons why we might want to transfer your domain name. It might be because you want to merge your domain name registrar and host, or because you sold the domain and you need to transfer it to the buyer. No matter the reason you need to transfer your domain, the important thing is that you are able to transfer your domain name easily without stress.

However, before you can transfer your domain name, you have to abide by the following conditions:

  1. You might need WHOIS protection and authorization before you can transfer your domain.
  2. To transfer your domain name, it must be over two months old, and you must make sure that it must not go through any other transfers within the two months.
  3. You must update all of your domain name contact information.
  4. You must also confirm whether the name servers will have to be changed when you transfer your domain name.

Now that we have discussed the conditions guiding the transfer of domains let’s move on to discussing the tips that would make your domain transfer very easy.

  1. You should make sure the domain you want to transfer has been unlocked before you start transferring it. Domain names are always locked to prevent unapproved transfers. To save yourself the stress and troubles, you should unlock your domain name before you transfer it. To unlock your domain name, go to your domain’s control panel and unlock it.
  2. You should avoid any domain transfers when you are near your date of renewal. You should give yourself time before transferring the domain in case something goes wrong. You can transfer your domain two weeks before renewal or a month before renewal. However, anything less than that is not advisable.
  3. You should make sure that the contact email ID on your website is correct. Because most domain transfers rely solely on your email. So if your email ID is not correct, you will slow down the transfer process.
  4. You should look out for an email from the new domain registrar regarding the domain name transfer request. You should accept the transfer when you receive the email. Apart from that, you should also look out for another similar email from the old domain registrar. You should make sure that you finish these steps if not your transfer might be delayed or blocked.
  5. #optional. You should note the service your former domain registrar was offering; make sure that the new domain registrar offers the service and even more.

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